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VBA Zazu Week 5

Zazu has had a big week 5. Tuesday I loaded her up for the 3.5hour haul to visit a friend and trainer Bradley Sharrock for 3 days. Brad runs a busy colt starting business just out of Shepparton, it is a great place to bring Zazu as there is plenty going on with lots of horses and activity. Zazu loaded and stood beautifully in the float, waiting patiently whilst I latched everything up. She travelled well and solid. Initially when I pulled up at the 40min mark to check on her she was a little warm and sweaty. I did one more check and she had cooled right down, happily munching on her hay.  

Over the 3 days I rode Zazu twice daily, mixing it between arena work and trail riding.

In the arena I had several focuses – working on exercises that helped keep her between my hands and legs – working on straight lines, softening and bending around my legs in circle work, practice our turns and accepting another rider in the arena. Brad was always working horses and loping around, Zazu handled this perfectly.

I was super proud of Zazu on the trail. She never refuses to travel where I point her – through water (she LOVES water!) up and down embankments around trees, over bridges, all while the dogs are running around. She is happy to travel forward at the trot and canter, following or leading.

It was a nice to ride Zazu out with another horse, it gave me some good insight. Brad could lope off and Zazu wouldn’t brake her relaxed walking gait – she is very independent.  Equally she was happy to lead.

I also gave Zazu her first dental treatment. She accepted this nicely standing still and keeping her head down and relaxed.

I have been holding off bridling her until I was able to check her teeth. I am glad I did as she has a couple of wolf teeth that I will remove under sedation before I introduce the bit. 

Zazu has worked well this week and has adapted to all the new environments and tasks I have put to her. I couldn’t be happier with her and how she is progressing.

Amy Eighteen

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