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VBA Zazu Week 7

It's been a pretty chilled this past week... well for Zazu it has been.

Unfortunately, this week has seen me pretty flat out working near and far, which has meant Zazu has had limited work. She did, however, get a couple of productive rides in.

On Wednesday I decided it was time we braved the 'busier' streets of cockatoo. I knew there would be more traffic, dogs barking and running up and down fence lines, people moving around their properties etc. I was even lucky enough to have some carpenters using nail guns and drills as I rode by. Of course Zazu was more alert in this environment, but not once did I feel she was so concerned that she might think about 'leaving'. She stayed nice and soft between my hands and legs and just took in her surroundings.

The thing I love about Zazu (and this ride was no exception) is she doesn't hold on to fear. As long as I hold up my end of the bargain and present things to her in the right way (like you do any green horse) she is very quick to accept it and move on, no longer being fearful of said object. The water gushing down the drains (it was raining on our ride) or the road turning from gravel to bitumen, with white lines and reflectors, dogs running and barking at fences, cars, was no different. She requires a short time to have a look without any pressure from me - providing she stays between my hands and legs. Once she has a quick look I offer her to move past. If she feels unsure about moving forward and wants to turn or back up, I simply block those movements, give her a second to reassess and ask her to move on. I have only ever had to do this for a short time before she accepts to move forward. She rarely worries about the same thing twice.

Today, (Friday) I had the vet booked to come in the morning to give Zazu a sedation so I could remove her wolf teeth. The vet turned up and had a student with him. I was interested to see how Zazu was going to take three people standing around her whilst a stranger gives her an IV injection. She was completely calm and accepting of our presence, and apart from a step sideways when the needle went in she stood perfectly. The vet was complimentary to Zazu's quiet nature and acceptance. He made note that often domestic horses that have had years of handling and riding often don't stand so well. Her wolf teeth came out nicely and the sockets will be healed within a few days. Once they have healed I will be able to mouth her.

*Edit: Amy is a qualified Equine dentist!

Amy Eighteen

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