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VBA Zazu Week 8

Similar to last week, this week has been fairly low key for Zazu. She still had two-three rides, and what we achieved in those rides I have been happy with. It has also been a good insight into how Zazu will work when there have been several consecutive rest days.

I did find earlier in the week she felt a little 'fresh', not high energy or reactive, but a little more unhappy to do what was asked of her. ie asking her to move her hip or shoulder, something we have practiced every ride, she felt a little resistive to move off pressure and when she did she wouldn't use her body correctly or would then become 'stuck'. This only happened a few times and I was able to consistently work Zazu through these manoeuvres to where she was moving and responding correctly.

On Thursday, after three days off, I had Michelle from 'Michelle Knoll photography' come out to get some photos. I was able to saddle up and jump straight on. We went up to the arena to practice all the relevant flat work and Zazu was super. Michelle even had a short ride afterwards. Zazu was completely fine with somebody else climbing aboard, and once Michelle was familiar to the cues Zazu is used to they were both happily travelling around the arena.

Today (Friday) I head to Mongolia to compete in the Gobi Desert Cup, a horse race across the Gobi Desert. I will be away for three weeks, and in that time Zazu will be spelling.

Initially I was concerned about how I would get along leaving my designated horse unhandled for the three weeks. However, I am very happy with where I am leaving Zazu at. She has done quite a lot of Km's trail riding in the bush and along roads, she is cantering both ways in the arena, moving her hip and shoulders and side passing nicely. I have been very lucky to have been paired with Zazu. She has had 5 weeks work this week, and I am at the stage where I would be giving her or any green horse a two week spell. I feel Zazu is ready to have a proper rest to relax her mind and body.

I already look forward to getting back and continuing my work with Zazu.

Amy Eighteen

FB: Amy Eighteen Equine Services

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