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VBA zazu

VBA Zazu is an approximately 13.1hh dapple grey mare who was caught as a three year old from Kosciuszko National Park in 2015. She foaled quite late in the year, which is not uncommon in the younger fillies and therefore stayed with her foal after many of the other youngsters were weaned. 

VBA Zazu's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Amy Eighteen

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Join Amy and VBA ZAZU on their journey !

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Amy Eighteen

Ridden Section :  Non- Professional Trainer

Amy is a qualified Equine Dentist and Barefoot Trimmer. She has been running her business in Victoria for the past 9 years.

Amy entered the 2016 Australian Brumby Challenge, taking on VBA Bright and transforming him from a wild Brumby to a loving and calm riding partner.

Since the conclusion of the 2016 ABC, Amy has been taking on a variety of different horses, including Brumbies, for training and starting.