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Amy and Bright - Week 1

What a great little horse Bright is. This week I have taken a slow approach with bright, working on gaining his trust and confidence in me without pushing him too much. He has proven to be a willing learner that catches on quickly. It took him very little time to learn to face up to me and disengage his hindquarters when I would move around the round yard.

Friday I roped him in an unconventional manner, I started by introducing the rope to him in the same way I introduced the stick (approach and retreat) until he was comfortable with it being rubbed over his face and he began chewing on it. He again learnt very quickly to give to pressure of the rope and would lead around the round yard. He is now moving into me for pats on his face and neck.

I have not yet haltered him but I don’t feel he is too far from being ready. He keeps showing me a playful side that I am excited to see develop as his confidence grows.   

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