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Amy and Bright – Week 10

Bright continued to impress me this week. On Monday after four days off, I saddled him up and jumped straight on. We had a great workout in the arena, finishing it off with a trail ride in the dark.

Tuesday we floated to the local riding grounds where there were group jumping lessons taking place. Bright was calm to unload and hitch to the float. I saddled him up and rode him around the grounds and on the arena, he was completely unfazed by the other horses cantering around him and maintained his focus on me.

Bright had Wednesday and Thursday off, on Friday we had another combined work day of both arena work and trail riding. His turns on the forequarters and hindquarters are improving with each session and we are now practicing side passing which he is picking up quickly. I am now opening and closing gates off of bright, which has been handy.

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