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Amy and Bright – Week 12

Bright has had 4 days work this week. It has been a reasonably progressive week as we have tried several new things.  As with all weeks I have mixed things up between trail riding and arena work. On the trail Bright travels along nicely on a loose rein and is always very light on the reins. Our canter work on the trail is improving as he is becoming increasingly more sensitive to leg aids.

Mid week we headed to the local indoor arena with a friend and their horse. Bright was happy to head straight in and commence work like he had been there many times before. Whilst there we also tried a few small jumps, I am not a jumper but Bright was definitely happy to pop over a few. He is such a willing horse.

On Friday when I went to feed him in the morning he was very flighty and was not keen to let me close, I put this down to the sudden cold snap and the rain at the time. When I went back in the afternoon he was much calmer and enabled me to approach him and give him a treat.

We have started working on a few things for our freestyle class, as the reality of the fast approaching EQUITANA hit me this week. I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

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