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Amy and Bright – Week 13

It's been a light on work week for Bright, due to the heavy rain fall we have had so consequently he had sunday-thursday off. Thursday I floated him and my mare Queeny down to cockatoo. It was the first float ride bright has had with another horse and I must say I was more than proud of how he handled going on. Queeny on the other hand - not so much. I put Queeny on first and even with all her tantrum throwing and kicking about Bright quietly walked on the float and stood patiently until we got moving. Once on the road Queeny settled and all was well.

Friday I took bright into Cockatoo forest alone with my dog in tow, he was super chilled plodding along with his head down. I didn't ask much of Bright on this ride, just to travel along at the pace I set. We walked trotted and cantered along the trails and not once did he put a foot wrong, we even came across some pigs which he didn't fuss over. The forest had some steep hills and it quickly became apparent the lack of fitness Bright had for hill work, so in an effort to keep it an enjoyable experience and not make him sore I kept it to a 30 minute ride.

Saturday we headed back out into the forest alone for some more exploring. I took a different route, heading along the back of some properties. There were dogs barking and running up and down the fence, Bright was a little tense at this but at no time did I feel he was wanting to 'leave'. After the dogs Bright felt tense and was more forward and less willing to stop and stand still, any time he refused to stop and stand in a relaxed way I went to bending him and disengaging his hind quarters before moving off again. We then came across some train tracks which turned out to be the 'Puffing Billy' steam train. The train came along the tracks into the bush in all its steaming glory and whilst I was wanting to have a look Bright (already not calm) had different ideas and made it known he wanted out. I went straight into a one rein stop and kept him flexed, once like this Bright stood still on high alert watching the train go by. Although I would have liked Bright to not be so frightened of the train it was nice to know that I was able to flex him and disable his flight response. After a little while Bright relaxed and the ride finished on a high, with us coming out of the bush and riding along the road. I am not exactly sure why Bright was more tense on this ride but I am happy that we finished on a good note with a relaxed walk whilst people and dogs walked the tracks with us.

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