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Amy and Bright – Week 14

Bright has had a light week of work this week, with only 3 days riding and 1 day of ground play. I didn't push anything new this week as we just worked on finessing our flat work. He is also starting to take up the contact with soft pressure. I am not one to ride a horse with short tight reins, particularly when they are green. So I have been practicing taking up a little rein whilst simultaneously applying leg pressure and as soon as bright drops and brings his head in I would release the reins, allow him to travel on a lose rein and then repeat whilst gradually increasing the length that I ask him to collect. I have found this to encourage Bright to be soft on the rein.  

Saturday we went for a trail ride around the property, on this ride I had bright trotting for long periods focussing on maintaining a steady speed and keeping him on the lines I set. I find he is good at this when out on the trail but in the arena he still has moments of wanting to drift, he is getting more responsive to moving laterally off of my leg at the trot.

Friday the vet came out to give Bright his micro chip. I was a little apprehensive at what his reaction might be given the size of the needle. Bright handled it like a pro and was completely still.

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