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Amy and Bright – Week 15

It has been a productive week for Bright, with a total 4 days work.

Monday we had a trail ride with a fellow agistee and finished up with a work out in the arena. I am starting to piece together and work on what we will perform for our final freestyle class.

Tuesday my partner Angus and I took Bright to the local pony club/ reserve grounds for a showjumping rally. Angus haltered Bright without me present and loaded him onto the float. I was really pleased with how Bright responded to having another person handle him. Whilst he can still be wary of strangers he has a solid understanding of what is being asked from the ground and will happily do what is asked of him.

The pony club grounds were packed full of kids and dogs running and screaming in costume. Bright was calm and stayed focused on me and what I was asking, even when another horse took flight running from the owner around the grounds, he kept munching on grass. Angus and I took Bright for a walk and guided him over some jumps, what a jump Bright has! We participated in a relay race against some 5-year-old kids and their ponies and I must say we got a little too competitive. Bright was a champ with accepting the kids patting him and running amongst the ponies in the race.

After a while I tacked up and rode Bright on the arena and over some jumps. He was focused and worked very nicely with his collection improving.

Wednesday I had a lesson with a dressage instructor, she is happy with how Bright is progressing and complimented him on his willingness to try and learn, and something I am always in awe of. Ailish had a short 5-minute ride post lesson just to help get him used to new riders; he behaved exactly as he would with me.

Friday was Bright’s last day of work before having 8 days off. We started out schooling in the arena and finished up with a quiet ride around the property.

Bright will not see me for the next 8 days. He has lots of grass to munch on and I think it will be a good opportunity for his body and mind to relax before knuckling down in the lead up to EQUITANA.

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