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Amy and Bright – Week 16

Bright had a full 7 days off with no human interaction. I headed north to soak up some much needed sunshine and Bright munched on the beautiful spring flush that has come through.


I returned home Sunday to horrendous Melbourne winds. Since it had been seven days of no horse contact I was desperate to see them all and thought it would be a good opportunity to test Bright with not only allowing me to approach him after a week without seeing me, but also how he would handle it in the terrible winds, need I say he was a champ? I walked up to him like I would any other day and he stood still while I haltered him.

I could barely stand upright so aborted the plan of dong some groundwork and just took him to the shelter instead for a brush down.  He has lost more winter coat and the dark summer coat is starting to come through finally.

I look forward to the weeks ahead of preparing him for EQUITANA.


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