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Amy and Bright – Week 17

We have had some up and downs this week with Bright's training, with days where he felt great and days where he was fresh and reactive. Sunday after a week off without seeing me, I went out to him with the intention of doing some ground work, I was so pleased that I was able to approach Bright first go and halter him. The winds were horrific on the Sunday so I opted out of ground work and settle for a quick grooming session, Bright seemed happy with this idea.

Monday I decided to hop on Bright without any ground work, I was pleased with how he went and we had a pretty good ride in the arena. I kept the session short and sweet. Tuesday Bright was feeling quite fresh and reactive so I decided to do some ground work to get him thinking and relaxed. After we had done some ground work I took him for a walk around the farm, giving him exercises along the way.

Wednesday we rode around the farm and in the arena, Bright still felt fresh and was on high alert and spooking at things that usually wouldn't bother him. I kept him moving forward giving him jobs to do. This brought his focus back onto me. That night I opened his paddock up some more to allow him some more feed and gave him Thursday off.

Friday I caught Bright and saddled him up, he was focused on me and behaving perfectly on the ground. I decided to take him out for a trail ride given it was such a lovely evening. For the most part of the ride Bright was extremely fresh and not focussing at all. He was reactive and spooky. A few times I dismounted to work him on the ground, when I would get back on he would be calm for a short while before his anxiety would increase again. Given the incredible willingness and 'try' Bright has displayed over the past few months I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was fresh after a week off and maybe too much green grass. Saturday he was much better, we had a great work out in the arena with some really nice canter work. I have decided to cut down on the availability of green grass to see if that helps.

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