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Amy and Bright – Week 18

Bright settled well into work this week. After being fresh the week before,

I cut down his access to grass and I feel this has made a difference.

This week we have focused a lot on our canter work, getting him into canter and maintaining a relaxed lope. We now are much better at picking up the left canter lead consistently we just have to work on maintaining a steady rhythm.


Wednesday we made the 1-1/2 hr trek down to Dyrsdale to have a lesson with reining trainer David Simmons. It was a very productive lesson and Bright worked well with all the distractions, main rd, horses along the arena fence and guinea fowl that we making a racket. David showed me several exercised to help keep Brights focus and have him working with nice flexion and bend. After the lesson we made a quick stop over at the beach, where we went for a stroll along the sand and a splash in the water before heading home.


After a ride in the rain on Friday, where we were practicing all we learnt from David, I had a lovely client Sarah spend a couple of hours giving Bright a much needed make over, getting all the knots out of his mane and tail. It was nice to leave Bright in someone else’s care without me and know that he would behave in the same gentlemanly fashion.


Sunday we floated to the local indoor arena. Unbeknownst to me there was a dressage competition on, so there were lots of floats and horses. I took Bright into the indoor where lots of people were as well as the food truck. Bright gave me a great work out considering all of the distractions; he was actually a little lazy which was a better sign than being hot. 


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