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Amy and Bright – Week 19

Something had shifted in Bright this week, he has become much more confident in me suddenly. Previously, I had never had any issues catching Bright in the paddock, he would always face up to me but when I would approach there would be slight apprehension and brace about his demeanour. I never worried about this as I felt it would be something that would pass over time as he was relaxed once I got a hand on him. This week for some reason that all changed, he no longer carried that apprehension with my initial approach in the paddock and is much more relaxed all round.

We had a good week of riding work also with 6 days work. We have mainly been working on things that will be relevant to EQUITANA in particular our freestyle. Our canter work is improving, although he now wants to consistently pick up the left canter lead even when travelling on the right rein. I am not too worried at this stage, I even think it's sweet that he is trying so hard to do what he thinks is right as this was the lead he struggled with the most.

To help build his strength, fitness and confidence in the canter I floated him down to Cockatoo on Saturday where we will spend a few days working on long distance trot and canter work in the forest. This is great as there are lots of hills and long stretches of tracks that I can turn Bright loose on and just let him get the feel of cantering in straight lines over longer periods.

Sunday was one of our best rides yet. I took Bright into the forest and trotted and cantered him out for some time. We would have ended up doing several kms loping and trotting. Bright was great to get going but he also came down and walked on a loose rein very easily. He was very soft and focused on this ride and he was quite content to travel at whatever pace I set in whatever direction I pointed. 

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