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Amy and Bright - Week 2

After taking it easy with Bright in week one I now felt he was ready to amp things up. On Tuesday I haltered him after initially putting the rope over his head, he took this very well and stood still. Throughout the week I have continued to practice approaching Bright, rubbing his face and walking off, as he was still nervous of me initially approaching him. We have worked on leading and then disengaging his hindquarters anytime he becomes unstuck.

He then had a couple of well-earned days off.

On Sunday I introduced the plastic bag, again this was a non-event and within a minute I was able to rub it all over him and wave it around. Next was the rope, I practiced rubbing and throwing this all over his body.

We are now gaining a clearer line of communication. He will calmly move off around me when I ask him and will stand still when my body language is relaxed. He is quite soft in the halter and always tips his nose into me.Over the last two weeks bright has had quite a bit of exposure to tractors, cars quad bikes and dogs, all of which he isn’t very fussed about. I find him to not be an overly reactive horse, but more of a thinker.

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