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Amy and Bright – Week 20

Bright spent most of this week down at cockatoo, where we focused on trotting and cantering over long distances in the forest. I was so pleased with how bright went, he was relaxed and willing to travel whilst maintaining a nice rhythm. I found this to be a good method in building his confident, strength and balance in the canter. While we were on the trails we also worked on softening to the contact at a walk and trot, flexing and moving the shoulder. On the way home from cockatoo we stopped in at my mothers house in a Melbourne suburb. We got a few weird looks but Bright was happy to walk up the driveway of units and hang out in the garage.


By the time we did some arena work on Sunday Bright found it much easier to transition into the canter and maintain that gait for as long as I asked.

Bright has continued to soften even more this week, becoming quite affectionate and calm. I feel we have turned yet another corner.

I also practiced cracking stock whips next to bright and shooting cap guns, both of which he was fine with. Bright has had drones flown around him and coming quite close and overhead, he was also very relaxed about this.


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