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Amy and Bright – Week 21

What an incredible adventure this last 5 months have been. There have been many highs, a lot of challenges and a few lows throughout my time with Bright and none of which I would change. There are many things I will take away from this experience with Bright; firstly, to always look at the positive in each situation, to embrace change and new adventures with a positive and willing attitude, just as Bright has done. To be patient, tolerant and forgiving and to always reflect on my own attitude and how that may effect not only the horse I am training but people around me too.

Bright being the first horse I have trained/ saddle started, I have oscillated between different ideas, and methods of getting a particular objective achieved. One thing has remained consistent throughout this challenge and that is to always reward the slightest try and stay in tune to what Bright was telling me. I feel this has really helped shape Bright’s positive attitude towards training, he is willing and open to learning new things.

It is very easy to get caught up in what could be perceived as the complexities of horse training, but what made it easy for me was to remember to commit to what I was asking and have the expectations of a response i.e. if I ask Bright to move then it means move, no grey area, no inconsistencies of what my expectations may be. Inconsistency is what causes training anxiety for horses. Making the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult. 

Early on this week I had a couple of lessons with reining trainer David Simons. He gave me a few good pointers for our canter work and since then we have been improving. Prior to that I had trouble keeping Bright straight and following my lead, he was having the tendency to drift and push through my leg and rein. To rectify this I have needed to be much quicker at applying my outside leg whilst opening my inside rein. Bright isn’t unpredictable so I needed to predict when he was going to do this and act accordingly. Then it really wasn’t hard to keep him on track. The rest of the week saw us mainly focusing on our flat work in the arena and fine-tuning our freestyle for Sunday at EQUITANA. Bright has been working beautifully this week and I really hope I can keep that going through the classes at EQUITANA.


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