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Amy and Bright – Week 3

Bright's confidence in me has continued to grow this week. He still takes a little time to warm up to me when I initially approach him, and can sometimes still feel the need to blow away from me.

However once he receives that first rub he softens quickly. Bright has no problems accepting new objects, in fact he is quite confident in being introduced to new things.

This week I have worked a lot on lunging and getting smooth transitions between the gaits and changing of directions. He yields his hind and forequarters very nicely, with very little pressure.

He isn't an overly reactive horse and more the type that looks for a stop, I'm finding it very easy to teach him to whoa. I introduced the roller to him and there was no reaction at all; he was very happy to travel off without getting worried.

I've been taking Bright out and about for walks this week, which he is enjoying and I look forward to being able to float him to different places soon.  

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