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Amy and Bright – Week 5

The last week has been quite progressive, with the pace of Brights development showing little sign of slowing down.

Early in the week, work focussed on float training which was unremarkable. Riding training followed, to which Bright responded well.

Initially I would just sit on him, and have someone else lunge him around the yard. The idea was to take his mind off the fact I was sitting on him. After several sessions, I moved him out of the yard and into the paddock.

I found his feet to be sticky when there was no-one lunging him, so I would lead him over obstacles such as logs to loosen him up.

The week was finished by a ride down the road, across bridges and more obstacles, focussing on getting Bright to lift his feet and get accustomed to changing surroundings.Amy Eighteen Equine Services

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