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Amy and Bright – Week 7

Bright has had consistent 5 days work this week, with Saturday and Sunday off. I have been working on fine-tuning his steering in the walk and trot and gaining softness through his body, we still have some work to do on this. We have had a few canters both in the arena and out on the trail.

I start each ride with a potter around the farm then we usually head into the arena for a short 20min to ½ hr session, before finishing up with another ride out. In the last ride Bright started to show some signs of becoming bound to the paddock, wanting to leave the arena and head ‘home’. I plan to rectify this by working him in and around his paddock, then allowing him to rest in the arena.

I have also started to bridle him. I finished the week with long reining him. I am always amazed at how quickly Bright learns, but more than that, his willingness to learn.

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