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“VBA Playboy” is progressing wonderfully as week one comes to a close. He is such a sensible little horse. His personality is starting to shine as he becomes more confident and comfortable. For the first 24 hours after arrival he would snort every time I came in sight. Now he whinnies and nickers whenever he sees me.

We have been working step by step to develop our connection and Playboy’s trust has been growing each day. Playboy had some panic moments earlier in the week when he was still pretty unsure about sharing his personal space with me. He certainly can move fast when he feels the need to! For the most part he is steadfast and reserved with his energy – choosing to wait and observe or just move off a short distance to find his comfort.

Playboy is easy to catch in his yard; leading well and becoming comfortable with different objects touching him. We have been developing groundwork such as yields and flexion and taking walks out around the property to explore and apply his new skills. I have started working with his feet and legs and plan to get his feet trimmed and his solidly matted tail combed out soon.

He is a voracious eater - thank you to Whoa Steady Neddy for the hay net! It regulates Playboy to a more natural rate of consumption, akin to grazing. I have also started to introduce Barastoc Calm Performer pellets and chaff. It took him a few days but he now thinks this domesticated horse diet is a pretty good deal!

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