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Week 12

VBA Playboy & April Harvey

It was a big week for Playboy with float loading and visits from equine health professionals, but only limited riding time.

Playboy had his first session with Guy Morgan Equine Therapy this week. There were a few areas throughout his body where I felt he was a little tight or blocked which Guy identified and corrected. After the treatment Playboy had some days without riding followed by a few days of light rides, predominantly on straight lines. I was very pleased to find that he felt more free through his body when we returned to our regular sessions.

Playboy also had his first dental treatment this week with James Harvey Equine Dentistry Australia. James took his time to introduce Playboy to the gag and Playboy was very sensible and calm throughout the entire process. He aged Playboy at 11 years old due to the advancement of his Galvayne’s groove and the presence of an incisor hook. James began to rectify a step in the 2nd molars and some sharpness further back in Playboy’s mouth.

We continued with float loading training to prepare Playboy for his first road trip. I used short, repetitive sessions to develop Playboy’s confidence in stepping on and off the float and being in the confined space. After a few sessions Playboy was happily walking on and sensibly backing off the float. As he became more comfortable standing on the float I gradually began introducing the movement of the chain behind him, eventually securing the breeching door and tailgate once he was ready.  

Our first trip was a short introductory journey for Playboy. He loaded wonderfully and after a few seconds of concern when the vehicle started moving, he did not move for the rest of the trip. He unloaded, settled well in the new environment and we had an easy trip back home.

On his second, slightly longer float trip, Playboy travelled perfectly, en route to a lesson with Steve Halfpenny. It was great to receive Steve’s input and guidance to help with Playboy’s development and to refine my riding. Playboy was exposed to a new environment and made some new human friends. It is really nice to see him warming up to strangers so easily now.

For photos and videos of VBA Playboy’s journey please visit:

Thank you to Richard Baron for the photo!
Thank you to Guy Morgan Equine Therapy, James Harvey Equine Dentistry Australia and Barastoc for supporting Playboy’s journey from Wild to Wonderful!


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