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April Harvey

VBA Playboy                                                                       WEEK : 13

We settled back into our regular riding sessions this week after Playboy’s first outings, dental and chiropractic last week. We had a mixture of arena time and some nice easy rides out in the paddocks.

Playboy has settled into domestic life so wonderfully. I think he enjoys being treated like a little king. He loves his food, his scratches and his grass mowing duties. He’s been spending some days out in a 20 acre paddock with our 32 year old Quarter Horse, Magic. They seem to be a good match – both small, tough little men with independent, dignified and stoic natures. I haven’t turned him out with any other horses as the rest are a little too juvenile and I don’t think Playboy would care for their antics. I have allowed him to meet them all at different times and I’ve been very impressed with his manners, especially with the mares.

We had an extra special, memorable moment this week. Playboy allows me to be with him when he is sitting down however he had never laid flat in my presence. Whilst sitting with him yesterday he lay flat, placing his head in my lap. I stayed with him, stroking his face and neck as he fully surrendered into a deep, twitching REM sleep. It was really heartwarming to know that he felt safe enough to sleep so deeply in my presence. I eventually had to leave to teach a lesson so I slid my legs out from under his head and slowly slipped away. He stirred but remained laying down, which surprised me, as he generally wants to follow wherever I go. I saddled a horse and he was still napping upon my return. We conducted the lesson around him while he snoozed in the middle of the arena for another 30 minutes! He was so relaxed, trusting and content in what is a very vulnerable position for a horse - especially with the activity of two horses, two humans and a dog roaming around him.

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Thank you to Barastoc for supporting Playboy’s journey from Wild to Wonderful! 

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