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On Saturday Playboy made an appearance at the Benalla Adult Riders Club annual tack sale. A lovely crowd gathered to hear about Playboy's transformational journey from wild Kosciuszko stallion to the lovely ridden horse he is today. Playboy settled quickly despite it being the largest group of people he has ever seen. We gave a little demonstration of the groundwork and ridden skills that Playboy has been learning including some basic obstacles. Playboy then received lots of pats and attention which he thoroughly enjoyed.

I spent the next few rides at home fine tuning some elements of our ridden work in both the hackamore and the snaffle bit.

Playboy had two lazy days off to rest during the week. Playboy and my (much) older horse Magic have developed a very sweet bond. They are great companions and Playboy even instigates Magic to have a bit of a run and play. It's good to see the old guy kick up his heels a little!

Playboy's first ride back after his break was a simple job to move cattle to another paddock via the road. He is such a good mount for these tasks with his sensible, independent nature and ground covering walk. We took a few detours to explore some steep creek banks and other natural obstacles. Playboy is always willing and sure footed regardless of where I point him.

We have a big weekend planned with more outings so stay tuned!

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Thank you to Barastoc for supporting Playboy’s journey from Wild to Wonderful!

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