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April Harvey

VBA Playboy                                                                       WEEK : 18

Playboy had many new experiences this week! It’s beneficial for any horse to have exposure to unfamiliar environments and situations however it is vital in preparing Playboy for the atmosphere at Equitana in a few weeks.

On Friday we went to Molyullah Mountain Trail Course. It was Playboy’s first time exploring the course. He was wonderfully brave and willing. He walked the entire length of the balance beam on his first try and navigated many of the other foreign obstacles with ease. Over bridges, through water, podiums, giant steps etc. He is such a thinker! He really tries to figure out how to navigate the obstacle and where to put his feet. He got a little concerned on the teeter-totter as it was his first time on a moving obstacle. For a wild horse to survive for a decade in the mountains they need to have a strong self-preservation instinct and Playboy’s instincts told him he wasn’t safe. More exposure and practice will build his confidence. He has great potential to be a brilliant Mountain Trail horse!

Saturday was a trip to the local agricultural show. Playboy didn’t participate in any events, he simply attended to walk around and soak it all in. He received lots of affection from young and old and was even recognized by people who have been following his journey online. He met everything from miniature ponies to Clydesdales, he watched a BMX and dirt bike display, heard fireworks and watched the show jumpers and sideshow rides. Agricultural shows are an intense experience for ANY horse. Playboy handled it wonderfully, even better than some seasoned horses!

Sunday was another day of exposure at a local Mountain Trail event in Benalla. There was a lot going on at the venue with the Trail event and a Morgan horse show in another arena nearby. We were allowed two runs through the course (judged) without any practice on the obstacles prior. We did one run in-hand and one under saddle. He was great with some of the obstacles and stayed reasonably focused despite all of the distractions. There were still some echoes of concern with the moving obstacles from Friday so I spent time throughout the rest of the week boosting his confidence.

Due to Playboy’s big weekend he had a nice and easy week with gentle sessions at home in the hackamore/western saddle and snaffle bit/english saddle. We also took another relaxed ride to my local town, Baddaginnie. Playboy had coped very well on his first ride to town during week 16. This ride was even better!  We went and visited some friends and explored some new areas of town. He was so much more confident! I was very proud of him and how much more comfortable he was. Town can be a daunting for any horse, let alone a wild one.

Playboy will be for sale at the brumby Auction at Equitana next month. All bidders (present or absent) must be pre approved so if you are interested in bidding please follow the links to the auction page for more info. I hope to have more videos of Playboy up in the coming weeks.

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Thank you to Barastoc for supporting Playboy’s journey from Wild to Wonderful!