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April Harvey

VBA Playboy                                                                       WEEK : 19

What a week for VBA Playboy! This little brumby continues to steal my heart. 

On Friday Playboy had another visit from Guy Morgan Equine Therapies. Earlier in the week I felt a brace through Playboy's neck and shoulder and he began to occasionally pick up the incorrect lead. At this stage in his training, it is uncharacteristic for him. Guy quickly pinpointed the issue and helped Playboy with the appropriate adjustments. The last 133 days have been a drastic transformation for Playboy mentally and physically. It is paramount that Playboy is supported to ensure his training process feels as comfortable and easy as possible for him. I am so lucky and grateful to have wonderful equine health professionals, such as Guy, on my team. 

On the weekend Playboy entered his first show at Big Valley Quarter Horse Association in Benalla. We participated in a number of events over the two days. Playboy has not been specifically trained for these events however his foundation gives him the versatility to go out and have a go.  He even placed in three events amongst horses specifically bred for the discipline! One of the ribbons he received was in the Ranch Riding class consisting of a ridden pattern with pivots, side pass, trot and a canter lead change. 

I entered Playboy in the English classes despite him having been ridden less than 10 times in a snaffle and even fewer in the English saddle. I was so thrilled with how he performed. He certainly turned some heads in his English gear, receiving lots of praise for his versatility. 

What really stood out for me was Playboy's general demeanour the entire weekend. He has had a number of outings now and the experiences have been beneficial for him. He was such a pleasure to be around - standing calmly at the float, happily munching on hay or napping in the shade like a seasoned show horse. He comfortably handled the chaotic high energy of the marshaling area with people and horses swarming around him in every direction.

After the show Playboy had a lazy day off followed by a light ride on Tuesday. On Wednesday we rode to town to visit the kids at the local school. I attended Baddaginnie Primary School as a child and was eager to introduce the kids to my little brumby. The students were very excited to meet Playboy and hear his story. We talked about the impact and management of wild horses in Australia, how Playboy and the other brumbies were trapped, horse psychology, body language and the training process. I was so impressed with Playboy's reception of the kids when they all came up for a pat. Being a rural school I was surprised that a number of the students had never touched a horse, let alone a wild one. Playboy stood calmly for all of the little hands to stroke his head, neck and velvet nose. 

If you think VBA Playboy might be the right horse for you please contact the Australian Brumby Challenge team or contact me directly for more info. Pre approvals for bidding at the auction must be finalized by Friday, November 16th! Don’t miss out on this very special horse!

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Thank you to Barastoc for supporting Playboy’s journey from Wild to Wonderful! 

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