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Join April and VBA Playboy on their journey !

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“VBA Playboy” continues to impress me with his sensible and willing attitude. He had a week of many firsts; handling it all with cool, calm confidence.  I began the challenge and my journey with Playboy with no set timeline in place. Each horse is different and their progress will depend on many factors including their nature and previous life experience. Playboy just takes everything in stride and keeps feeling ready for the next step.

 His hoof handling progressed well and I gave him his first, much needed, hoof trim.  It was essential to ensure he had a good experience to maintain and continue to develop his confidence. I took the time to comb out his mane and massive dreadlocked tail and he looks even more handsome after a tidy up!

We worked our way to introducing the roller/surcingle and long reining out around the property. Playboy’s confidence flourished as he gained more exposure and we spent more time together. I began introducing him to my body weight over his back and then began getting him moving his feet whilst carrying me. When he felt confident and consistent I introduced the saddle without issue.

Everything just felt right and ready by day 12 so I prepared Playboy for his first ride! This involved ponying him from Vikki, a Quarter Horse mare, to get him moving out with the saddle. We then did a few minutes of groundwork revision before mounting up. Playboy handled his first ride wonderfully. He stayed relaxed and responsive throughout the ride with some nice walk, trot, stop, back and basic turns. Day 13 we had another little ride, building on the previous. Initially my focus is simply to have the horse carry me and move forward freely. As he progresses I will be refining his signal responses and asking for more.

Barastoc have completed a full nutritional assessment on Playboy and he is starting his new feeding regime. He will be fed Barastoc Complete Performer, along with adequate roughage, to fulfill his nutrient requirements now he is in training. Huge thanks to Barastoc for supporting Playboy through his journey!

For photos and videos of VBA Playboy’s journey please visit: https://www.facebook.com/nrequine

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