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April Harvey

VBA Playboy                                                                        WEEK : 4

Playboy has had another great week! His progress is steady and beautiful to witness. We have gradually started to refine the basics, introducing new concepts incrementally and breaking these new steps down to form the correct answer as an intuitive and attainable progression for Playboy to assimilate.

We’ve spent time in the arena refining softness and flexion whilst working on balance and leg yields. The groundwork that Playboy learned prior to riding translates well under saddle making it easy for him to develop the basic concepts of body control including shoulder, rib cage and hip yields.

The arena rides have been interspersed with adventures out into new environs. Our first rides out of the arena were in places Playboy was familiar with, having explored them in the halter and long reins in weeks 1 and 2. In the last few days we’ve ridden down the road and out through large unfamiliar paddocks and through a creek. I’m sure Playboy crossed many waterways out in the wild and his experience seemed to transfer to crossing for the first time at the behest of a human. Handling the uneven terrain well, he enjoyed a drink and wasn’t fazed by the splashing antics of our Border collie Bella.

Playboy seemed to really enjoying getting out and covering some new ground. He had a few moments of uncertainty, especially with unfamiliar man made objects, such as a shed and a sign on the road. This is to be expected of any horse with limited experience in the human world. It was heartwarming to have him respond to my gentle reassurance and encouragement and gain the confidence to overcome his fear

It’s been another satisfying week of progress and I’m really looking forward to sharing more of our journey as it unfolds.

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Thank you to Barastoc for supporting Playboy’s journey from Wild to Wonderful!