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April Harvey

VBA Playboy                                                                        WEEK : 5

At the beginning of week 5 Playboy had a few adventures to utilize and test the skills and responsiveness he’s been learning in the round pen and arena. I want to ensure that Playboy, and every other horse I train, trusts me and has the mental and emotional regulation to stay soft and attentive to my cues in new and challenging situations.

We rode out to a different creek that runs through the property. It was great to have Playboy so confident and willing through the unfamiliar areas and uneven terrain. The creek area keeps the horse’s mind engaged and is great dynamic exercise as they move up and down banks and across rugged footing. It is one of my favorite training grounds to explore.

After the weekend of adventure Playboy had a some time off and the remainder of his week has been a short, low impact ride each day. One day I simply sat on him during a lesson while coaching another rider. During our regular sessions I’ve been focusing on walk and jog to further develop balance, softness and refine leg yields. After each ride I find myself smiling, thanking Playboy and praising his efforts. He is becoming a very fun horse to be with whether riding or simply handling. He really does try and it is those simple little moments where he offers me something new, or better than before, that melt my heart. Every small try is rewarded as each positive change is simply one step closer to a breakthrough.

Playboy’s physical appearance is changing as his fitness improves. He is being fed Barastoc Calm Performer and Groom supplement and his coat, although a little shaggy from his acclimatisation to winters in Kosciuszko, has noticeably picked up some shine. He’s already a handsome little man and I can’t wait to see how he looks in the coming months!

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Thank you to Barastoc for supporting Playboy’s journey from Wild to Wonderful!