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Arden Week 15  

Well what a week.

Titanium came on my PC camp to Bealiaba and he was not only such a good boy but a huge hit. The camp gave him so much experience. He was led by mum to all my classes while I rode Gus, and he watched and joined in picking up poles at Showjumping with mum, and picking up stray balls at polocrosse with mum. The third day we did a 3km trail through the town, over rail line, trucks, floats, 20 horses, plus the boys on bikes… Titanium walked behind and next to a cart with a Shetland pony pulling it… he was a seasoned pro. One girl, Indi had trouble with her pony, so mum swapped and Indi walked Titanium most of the way… then other kids wanted to walk him too, feed him, pat him while he lay down… OMG he was amazing. He even got a rug on for the trip, and we washed his legs and body.

He travelled so well, and just took being away so easily. Everyone at camp wished us well, and some will come to watch him at Equitana….

On the last day of Camp, Titanium made some special friends… the Nursing home from Maryborough, bought a bus of residents out to have lunch and watch kids ride. They sat under a marquee. There were wheel chairs and frames. Titanium, cam under the marquee, and met everyone. Some of the old men were talking about their days when they were younger dealing with brumbies. I was so proud of him.

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