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 Arden Week 16  

This week Titanium has been cruzey. Hanging out back with his donkey and filly. The three of them all laid top to tail near the gate but I was too slow getting a picture – but it was so cute.

I have been working on sharpening his trot off on lead, and his drop back to walk… although he’s very good at responding to woo. He prefers woo Titanium than let’s go Titanium! Mum bought a new type of brush, I’m trying really hard to get his coat through before equitana. I noticed this week he really doesn’t care anymore if I want to brush his tail, he has always let me, but he used to look very “aware”, now he just looks like “whatever”. Ive continued perfecting self loading, and obstacles. I’m now thinking about my music routine….. OMG so many things to consider. I also started ponying him off my pony… still needs work.