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Follow Arden and VBA Titanium on their journey !

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Sadly, our last full training week to write up on.

In the time I’ve had Titanium, I have learnt so much. He is a cheeky and very lovable little fella who made himself home here and many friends.

It took so long at the start to get anywhere with him, I was worried I might never get him to trust me, but very slowly he came around. I think really from the time he let me touch him, its been a steady path. He’s been shy at times, unsure, responding as an untouched horse should, but I think he let go of his “wild” instincts quickly and became just like our other young horses.

What I love about Titanium the most is his friendliness and his still cheeky mouthing which happens sometimes. I think he’s almost laughing at me when I say “hey that’s not on”. He’s really good to know when its concentrate time. He’s very smart but his most outstanding thing – IS HIS TROT. I don’t seem to be able to get him to display it right on the lead, but when he is free in the round yard – he floats.

He would be an amazing pony for dressage – just judging by his trot. Plus, he’ll be very pretty. He won’t be staying on here at our house, as I’m really tall for my age, and he needs someone smaller.

But I really hope he finds a great home with someone who can finish training him into the beautiful pony that he will grow into.

I can’t hardly wait for Equitana, its going to be so much fun. I don’t care if I win or not. Titanium and I already won the day he let himself touch me.

Thanx to our sponsors RB Sellars, Rural Merchandise and Ascot Saddlery., and Colleen for choosing me to be in this.