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Little fella has been a bit of a puppy this week. When I go out to walk to letterbox – I take him. We walk to meet the donkey foal called Daisy, mums weaning filly called Gracey and the ponies Patches and Dixie. Titanium really wants to meet everyone. He whinnies now when we come to his yard. He’s all better now with his cold. He’s really enjoying his food which we have started to add the supplements from McDowells. I have just started with a pool noodle to use to desensitise touch to his legs as he loses his little mind when I touch his legs lower than his knee.  I also popped him in a bigger paddock with some of our babies because he’s so easy to catch now. He’s made friends with our baby donkey and mums baby welsh, but together, the three of them stay clear of our two Shetty mares who are very bossy and dominant.