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Much better weather this week, and Titanium has decided to start shedding his coat. There is fluffy black hair that sticks to your clothes – everywhere. I think he’s enjoying having it brushed out, but I did notice he still is a bit unsure when I’m near his rump, but brushing is a great way to get him used to that. We are really confident now picking up the front feet, I can curl his hoof up to the girth area or stretch him out forward as if he was getting the farrier to do shoes. He doesn’t mind. Sometimes I feel his muzzle on my back and I worry he may nip but he hasn’t yet. He kind of itches me. I’ve also worked on backing him up this week.

He still won’t eat carrot…. He has no idea what it is. But I’m trying still. I think ill dip in to some molasses this week see if I can get him to experience carrot that way.

This week id like to master back pick ups and we might do some float loading.