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Auction INFORMATION 2018


Welcome to the 2018 McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge Auction Page!

This page contains links to the Yearling Brumbies and Ridden Brumbies who will be auctioned at the completion of the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge at EQUITANA. Please download and read the Bidder Information Sheetfor lots of added information.

Some of the Brumbies undertaking the Australian Brumby Challenge have been purchased by their trainers who simply couldn’t bear to part with them, however, we do have 4 yearlings from the Dollys Dream Memorial Challenge as well as 13 Ridden Brumbies all looking for great homes. We will be adding information on the Brumbies as we receive it from the trainers.

The Auction will be held at EQUITANA on Sunday the 18th of November, 2018 and will be open only to approved, registered bidders. Registration closes at 5.30pm on Friday the 16th of November.

Once you have read through the Bidder Information Sheet, please get in touch with us if you have any questions at all. Then, download the Bidders Application Form, fill it in and send it back to us. We will call you to talk about your application and answer any further questions you might have.

Once your application is approved, a Bidding Number will be prepared for you so that you can bid at the Auction.  You can pick up your Bidder Number from our VBA stand at EQUITANA from 4pm on Saturday the 17th of November. Bidder Numbers will be colour coded to show whether people can bid on Yearlings, Ridden Brumbies or Both. Payment must be made in cash or by credit / debit card at our stand on the day of the auction. Please note that Brumbies can only go home with their trainers or with our committee members and you will have 2 weeks after EQUITANA to make a time to have your lesson with the trainer and pick your Brumby up to take them home.

If you would like someone to bid on your behalf, please download, fill in and return the Proxy Bidder Form prior to the auction, no later than 5.30pm on Friday the 16th of November.

 We are always available at any stage of the process or afterwards to answer any questions, stay in touch etc!

​The Auction Brumbies page has profiles and photos of the Brumbies who will be available at the Auction, but you can also find more information on each Brumby by Clicking on the Trainers link and reading through their weekly updates and photos. You can also get in touch with many of the trainers – if their details are not listed, do get in touch with us and we can connect you.


The important thing to remember is that these Brumbies have developed great relationships with their trainers and the trainers have also gone about the very important process of socialising them with other people etc. If you should bid on one of these Brumbies and take them home, the critical thing you need to succeed is a bond with your new Brumby. Please keep in mind that they are not motor bikes and climbing on and going for a ride the very first day home would be extremely unfair on your Brumby and detrimental to your relationship with them.

Brumbies are not a breed of horse that requires daily work to keep them tractable – the key to this is your relationship with them. If you take them home and give them love and patience as they settle in, this will pay off for many years to come. Take your time, go over the steps that the trainers will have shown you and please don’t ever hesitate to call either the trainer or us at the VBA if you have any questions at any point. Follow this formula and you will have a long and wonderful relationship with your wonderful new Brumby!

The best way to get started is to take your Brumby home to a nice safe yard where they can have a few days of ‘downtime’ with not too many expectations. This gives you a chance to go over the basics with them as well – catching and haltering and walking out for a green pick and explore in hand – it will all come together to build your relationship. Once you feel your Brumby is used to you and is caught happily, they are ready to go out in the paddock. You may even choose to give your new Brumby a conscious spell of a week or two at this point whilst they take in their new home. You will never ever look back and think you spent too much time on this crucial, relationship building phase!

Once you feel that you are ready to begin working with your Brumby, go through their ‘going home book’ and start with ground exercises that are familiar to them – the trainers have given good explanations of these through their updates. You needn’t rush to get on them and in fact, you will find that if you deliberately plan to NOT be on them for around four weeks, you will reap many benefits.

Remember, these Brumbies have 150 days of professional training – that is a lot of training, but their life experiences, when it comes to people and different people, are not huge – socialisation is the key to well balanced horses! Of course, they’re not going to go as well for you as they did for their trainer straightaway, but with patience and time, you will form a bond like you have never experienced with another horse and build a lifelong relationship with them!

Brumbies from the last Australian Brumby Challenge went on to become great kids ponies, trail riders, dressage ponies and natural horsemanship horses. The ones who have really excelled are the ones who took that first month or two to build great relationships and trust.

If you have any questions at all about the application or bidding process or the Brumbies, please don’t hesitate to call or email us  at the above details.