McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge

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Welcome to the 2020 McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge Auction Page!

Our wonderful trainers have the first option to keep the Brumby that they are training, however
they must do this no later than 4 weeks prior to the Finals event at Equitana in Melbourne. Any
Brumbies not being retained by their trainers (which is generally the majority) will be auctioned to
approved bidders only at the completion of the Finals.

The Auction will be held at EQUITANA on Sunday the 22 nd of November, 2020 and will be open
only to approved, registered bidders. Registration closes at 5.30pm on Friday the 20 th of

We will release the Bidders Information Sheet along with the Bidders Application form four weeks
prior to the Finals of the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge at Equitana.

Once you have your forms and have asked any questions you might have, send them back to us
and after your application is approved, a Bidding Number will be prepared for you so that you can
bid at the Auction.  You can pick up your Bidder Number from our VBA stand at EQUITANA from
4pm on Saturday the 21 st of November. 

If you are successful, payment must be made in cash or by credit / debit card at our stand on the
day of the auction. Please note that Brumbies can only go home with their trainers or with our
committee members and you will have 2 weeks after EQUITANA to make a time to have your
lesson with the trainer and pick your Brumby up to take them home.

If you would like someone to bid on your behalf, please download, fill in and return the Proxy
Bidder Form prior to the auction, no later than 5.30pm on Friday the 20 th of November.
 We are always available at any stage of the process or afterwards to answer any questions, stay
in touch etc!

​We will have a full Auction listing and further bidding information available four weeks prior to the
Finals event. In the meantime, once the Australian Brumby Challenge commences in June, you
will be able to follow each Brumbies journey through this website, just by clicking on the Trainers
link and reading through their weekly updates and photos. You can also get in touch with many of
the trainers – if their details are not listed, do get in touch with us and we can connect you.
If you have any questions at all about the application or bidding process or the Brumbies, please
don’t hesitate to call or email us  at the above details.