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Blair Ireland

Ridden Section: Professional Trainer

Blair started his horsemanship journey working on cattle stations in South West Queensland. Wanting to improve both his own horsemanship and the lives of the station horses he worked with, he began studying the methods of Ray Hunt and Tom and Bill Dorrance. Eventually leaving station life to work full time with horses under another trainer, before starting out on his own in what we now know as Blair Ireland Equine Education. A Legacy of Legends scholarship recipient, Blair continues on with this same style of horsemanship and spends his days starting and training both horses and riders, helping them communicate and understand each other.

Blair sees his job as a trainer as working to help horses understand what we expect of them by making the hard thing difficult and the right thing easy, always using gentle methods to do so and working to gain the horses trust. Whatever he asks a horse to do, he is always wanting to increase the horses confidence in both himself and the people around him and the tasks they ask him to do. Blair always wants his horses to be calm, relaxed, confident and happy.

Blair is excited at the prospect of being directly involved in helping showcase and promote the wonderful heritage and versatility of the Australian Brumby. In addition to this, Blair looks forward to presenting his training work and techniques to the wider community, which will in turn, be able to help more people and their horses get along better.

You can read more about Blair at :
www.blairireland.com.au or www.facebook.com/BlairIrelandEquineEducation

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Kai is a ten year old, brown gelding who was caught with his bachelor mob from the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW in winter, 2015. Kai was gelded shortly after his arrival at our Brumby Junction sanctuary and turned out while he got used to being a gelding on a farm. Kai's trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Blair Ireland.