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Blair and Kai - Week 10

Well we have had a bit of hit and miss with time this week, and that's all my fault. I somehow seemed to have accrued way to much gear whilst I have been working away for the last 3 months and had to make a quick dash home to drop some back. But that also brings the good news of it being almost time to be heading back to home soil. Once home, this will give us the opportunity to turn Kai back out into a herd environment, giving him some time to let down and just be a horse again for a couple of weeks, ahead of the coming adventures over the next couple of months.

There is nothing too exciting to report on this week. We have enjoyed a couple of rides out into the beautiful Mallee country, covering some ground, mostly walking and trotting to help with both his fitness and to aid in muscle development. Saying that, we really haven't done any hard miles as yet, but we are both looking forward to it after his break.

I sign off now ready to say goodbye to South Australian sand and hello again to Victorian mud! Kai is really starting to shape up condition wise and shed his wooley winter coat, so I hope the move back to Victoria isn’t too much of a shock for him!

Yippie Kai Yay, Brumby Friends


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