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Blair and Kai - Week 11

Home at last, while we enjoyed our winter retreat in South Australia, it sure is great to be home. We started off the week working on float loading in preparation for the trip. It’s funny to look back at the difference in Kai from when we first collected them and had to separate Kai and Magnus at Pauly’s place and then re-load Kai to take him back to where I was staying.The subtle shift in the way anxiety is shown and the way we may perceive these anxieties has been really fascinating to observe.

I remember the first thing that I noticed about Kai, was the way he would nip at Magnus’s legs when we got into the round pen with him just showing his anxiety at being around people. And the feel and timing it took to separate the two. Hats off to Pauly, it is always a pleasure to be around a like-minded horseman, and it seemed that we had a similar approach to getting the job done. The loading part was easy, the young fella was scared enough of us that running onto and staying in the float felt like a much safer option for him.

Bringing it forward to the present day, although still quite wary around strangers he seems to trust me a lot more, and teaching Kai to load onto the float was a relatively stress free experience. The tricky part was convincing Kai that it was not a trap in there. He wasn’t really sure about staying in the float to begin with but with some time and patience, and loading on and off, we made it there in the end. 

To say he travelled like a dream would be an understatement, he was a true champion and unloaded at the other end was even better than I could have hoped for.  One step at a time, just following the feel!!!

That about covers the week, with the reality of being home and the need to catch up with clients, Kai got the week off, and he is currently turned out with a mare and a gelding, getting used to domestic herd life and enjoying the extra space. With a trip upto Dads for the next week, will give him a needed break for the little fella, for upon my return we have a pretty hefty schedule for the rest of the month, which I cannot wait to spend more time riding this wonderful teacher!!!

Yippie Kai Yay Brumby Friends!!!!

Blair and VBA Kai   


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