Blair and Kai - Week 12

With the education of all horses, I like to give them some time off, a break!!! Like us they get tired physically and mentally so some time to rest and recuperate is important. For Kai, he will have had roughly 2 and a half weeks off, from riding and a solid two weeks turned out into a pasture with a couple of other horses. Often after a spell I find that horses really start to shine, the skill sets being learnt all start to come together for them,  and they seem to come back into work with a bright new outlook on life.

We will resume our work mid this week with a little light riding, in preparation for a busy couple weeks ahead. We are heading away to NSW to spend two weeks riding with Anthony Desreaux, of Reata Ranch Horsemanship. I'm hoping that with Kai's natural worry about new people, the exposure of being in a clinic situation, having lots of people and horses around will help set us up for Equitana.

Kai has enjoyed being back out in a small herd situation and having some time off, but still comes running in at dinner time – he certainly hasn’t forgotten what the bucket is! He is working out how to get along with mares and geldings in a paddock situation – it has been very interesting to watch how his interactions differ so much to that of our domestic horses. Given he came from a bachelor herd, he possibly hasn’t had a lot to do with the ladies (mares) since he was a youngster so it has been a great learning experience for him.

Sorry this week is a bit boring – next week should be more exciting with a Calendar photo shoot then a couple of weeks being a clinic horse – and all of this in the lead up to the Geelong show!


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