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Blair and Kai - Week 13

Kai has just finished his two week spell – which he seems to have enjoyed. He came in for some handling and grooming yesterday and we tried out the new shedding tools on him which he loved.

Today we loaded up and headed off on the float to Banyandah in Howlong for two weeks of Horsemanship and Cow Working with Anthony Deseraux of Reata Ranch Horsemanship. I look forward to updating you on how Kai goes with the big group clinic experience with lots of other horses and people (and cattle!). I was really happy with how he handled his second time float loading and travelling, and now we have arrived, he’s settled into his yard and seems happy and settled.

Check out Kai’s facebook page – VBA Kai – for more pics of the handsome fellow on the float and fooling around with Blair!

Stay tuned for next weeks update which is sure to be much more exciting!


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