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Blair and Kai - Week 14

So this fortnight after spending 3.5 weeks off turned out in the paddock, I loaded Kai up and headed over to Banyandah in Howlong for two weeks of horsemanship and cow working clinics with Anthony Desreaux from Reata Ranch Horsemanship. 

Kai loaded like a trooper and travelled the 5 hours like a champion before arriving and settling into his home for the next two weeks. 

 On day 1, we started off as a group with ground work before our morning break. Because there was another participant here with an unbroken horse, under the watchful eye of Ant he flagged this horse around the round pen, where I also rode Kai as a passenger for support for the other horse. To say I was proud of Kai and how he handled this experience was an understatement and as a bonus it also helped me on getting him really moving forward and freely which was an added bonus. 
We had a day off in the middle of the week, and I took the opportunity to again ride Kai out as support for this young horse. He really comes into his own out and about and his unflappable nature on the trail continues to impress me. 

All in all its been a great week. Mostly working on most of the things we have been doing at home, but to have Kai in an environment with lots of other horses and riders working too has really helped improve his confidence in the world around him. It continues to be a real pleasure to watch him grow and evolve. I've thoroughly enjoyed having Kai here at this clinic and he's definitely a firm favourite among everyone, getting used to lots of love and attention from lots of different people. Tomorrow begins the cow working, so I look forward to seeing how Kai manages with the rope and having another job to do when we do some cattle marking. 

My update this week comes from my phone as I have no access to a computer so will leave it there this time. There have been a few photos up on Kai's Facebook page so be sure to check it out, and I'll update you on the whole fortnight with next weeks update!


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