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Blair and Kai - Week 15

I would like to start this week by paying homage to Anthony Desreaux.   We spent the last two weeks at Ant’s Horsemanship and Cow working clinic, where Ants ability to read a horse and communicate with both people and horses, really showed me what is and what can be!!!

Watching Kai’s confidence grow around new people was great to see, although not 100% where I would like to see him achieve, it has greatly improved, thanks mostly to the wonderful people around. To say he won everyone’s heart at the clinic would be an understatement!!!

Kai proved his great nature out on the trail both out in the lead, or supporting nervous riders and horses alike, he did not miss a beat. He was happy to walk, trot and canter and I think we may have even managed a gallop(look out Melbourne Cup).

Kai showed his fatherly spirit around the calves, his gentle and loving nature, just wanting to nurture the babies instead of moving them around, proved a task to untrack his mind but we got there in the end. It was the first time I have worked with a Brumby on cattle, and was pleasantly surprised at how his easy going nature just carried on over to the cattle. For a lot of the people at the clinic it was there first time working mobs of cattle, so like it or not Kai had to step up and take a lead role. It was almost like he said “Yeah I got this Covered”!One of the mobs we had to move had never seen horses before, so they were a little more flighty than normal, and wanted to run everywhere, but no worries for this Brumby,  happy to block up the lead and keep them all together (this was just a little proud moment for me). 

One of the other highlights for the week: Kai and three other horses were tasked with the job of heading out to the back paddock and cutting two weaner heifers off their mums and bringing them back to be vaccinated and weaned. With Kai’s cool head, he slipped into the herd without causing a stir, and pushed the two heifers out to our offsiders like we had done it a million times. 

This week Kai also had his second ever rider upon him, my wife Erin.  Erin is a bit of a nervous rider, and boy did they shine together. They started in the round pen, but within minutes Erin wanted to head out into the big arena and they even managed some trotting in and around the other riders. Erin, whilst nervous due to a serious accident, is an experienced horseperson and I was looking forward to her feedback on how she felt Kai to be. She reported that she felt very safe on Kai and was really impressed with how light and soft he was to halt, back up and move his front and back quarters. She did have trouble getting a canter front him so that will give me something to work on, as it’s not something I’ve had a problem with, but of course different riders feel different so it was great to have another rider see where he is at for them. I was so pleased that Kai received Erin’s tick of approval as it means I am confident that Kai is going to be great in his future home and whatever tasks they put in front of him.

To say I’m a little proud of Kai over the last two weeks is an understatement, our strong points seemed to grow, and our week points are getting stronger!!! Thanks to all the wonderful people at the clinic, especially Ant and Deb Desreaux for their wonderful support and guidance!!!


Yippie Kai Yay, Brumby Friends!!!

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