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Blair and Kai - Week 16

Sorry for the late report guys and girls, time has seemed to have got away from me this past week.  We had a pretty gentle week and spent time working with Kai around things that have troubled him the most - his confidence around manmade objects and continuing to introduce him to new people.We spent a few rides just poking in and around the sheds, passing near and around different objects, working on keeping his mind with me over focusing on everything else.

Up until now, mostly due to location, I had been keeping Kai’s feet trimmed up, but with the return to home it was time to call in the big guns, so our wonderful trimmer Martin Goodwin came to give him a good pedicure. We picked a good day for it with 60 K/m hr winds and the odd light shower. If there was ever going to be a test of character for both horse and farrier, I think that was going to be the day. Hats off to both of them, first time for Kai having his feet handled by someone else other than myself and also trimmed. It was great to see Kais confidence growing in other people, trusting Martin enough to stand patiently and let him trim his feet. He did start off a bit nervous, but that quickly turned into a cheeky “I’m smarter than you, ill act like I’m nervous and keep moving away”, before he went “well I guess you’re alright” and stood like a perfect gentleman.

I also had young Malakai come and visit, who has recently completed the Brumby gentling course at the Victorian Brumby Association. It was great to have an extra set of hands around the place to get a few jobs done, and Malakai really enjoyed meeting Kai and spending some time with him helping me get him ready for the Geelong show later this week. He also got to spend some time working with a few different horses and learning a few things that he can take home to his new young Brumby of his own.

Unfortunately, the rain continues to bucket down and the ground is still rather “swamp like” out here, so not much else to report on. Kai is all rugged up (and wearing a superman hood – thanks Erin) and happy so long as his feed comes out to him at regular intervals. He’s paddocked up near the house and is quick to neigh and let us know if he thinks we have forgotten him (which he tried at around midnight last night – good try buddy!!) Kai has a couple of other outings coming up which should be fun, and we have tentively booked a meet and greet day for anyone wanting to come and see Kai in the flesh for the 13th November, however this will be confirmed a little closer depending on what is happening with the weather!

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