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Blair and Kai - Week 18

Wow, the last few weeks have brought some exciting news, that I hope I will be able to share with you guys all in due time. 

Due to the chaos, time has been fairly limited, but we still have managed some exciting stuff, including a trip to the equine dentist, and of course, the Royal Geelong show.

Taking Kai into see Dr Simon, of Golden Plains Equine to get his dental check-up, we found his teeth in pretty good shape for a horse of about 13yrs.He still did look for a little support while under sedation, but nothing a hand on his neck didn’t fix.  He also got to meet some international vet students, and I’m not sure who enjoyed this more – Kai getting the attention (one of his most favourite things) or the international students getting to meet a real, live, Aussie Brumby!

With very little to no preparation we made it to the Geelong show (yes you can see a photo of me in a helmet),  and to add to the excitement, we were parked next to more mini’s than I’ve ever seen, let alone my good friend, but in his good nature I don’t even recall him blinking twice at them. Kai had a bit of a look around, and then settled in tied to the float whilst Erin prettied him up with shiny spray and other fancy stuff for me.

As we were headed over to the ring, we were following horses being led that looked more like kites on a windy day than horses. I recall quietly thinking to myself “well if this doesn’t bring him unstuck, I don’t know what will”. One of these horse owners apologised for their behaviour, citing they were “only young”. Kai however did me proud as he took no notice of these naughty horse shenanigans and proudly walked along calmly like he had done this a million time. On the way to the ring, we saw a spare spot at the measuring stand, and had Kai measured at an official 14hh. After parking near the minis, the excitement of the show and the naughty young horses, we were presented with challenge no.3 for the day, with our arena being next to all of the big, noisy carnival rides, and crowds of people looking on. Once again however, none of this seemed to faze him at all, even getting to meet some fans over the fence. We had entered both the led and ridden classes, where I couldn’t have been happier with the young gentleman. He led out nicely with me, picked up the trot and was only slightly behind me on the slow down.  What a champ!!!

Heading into the ridden, with this being his first ride in about a week, and to say the least a slightly chaotic environment, I thought we would just play it by ear and see how he feels (and me)!! With only seconds to saddle up and get back into the ring, away we went. The atmosphere was high with a stallion running lose, predominately through and around our arena and excitement in all the horses (and riders) was up! My pride in this horse was starting to reach new highs (if that’s even possible) as he stayed cool as a cucumber not even getting a little anxious by it. With only one bumble, through our pattern and that was my mistake, he rode perfect! For those people who know me, know that I’m not into showing (not that I have anything against, it’s just not my thing), but as we come towards EQUITANA, I feel there is a need to prepare both myself and Kai, both physically and mentally for the challenges that lay ahead.  We came home from Geelong show with a 2nd and a 3rd which we were very happy with being Kai’s first time out in a competition situation, and competing against much more experienced and seasoned horses. Now to head home and start thinking about our freestyle event for EQUITANA in a few weeks time!!

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