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Blair and Kai - Week 2

Wow what a week, it has been a great pleasure to watch Kai's confidence grow and seeing his personality starting to shine.   

We continued on with touching all over with the pole and letting him move, gradually working our way down to a stick and string and then a flag, building his confidence as he was ready to let me in to his personal bubble. It didn't take long until, he was ready for me touch him.  And wow isn't that first touch just amazing! I couldn't say how much first touch’s there have been in my life, but the joy never gets old.

Once he was happy for me to be in his space, it was time to get him to start following a feel.  One of my own personal choices is that I like to work a horse from the end of a lariat, getting them to follow a feel from around the neck, before I halter them. Kai very quickly picked up on moving his hindquarters and shoulders, turning those into following a feel forwards.  With all the basics established moving into the halter was breeze.

Something I didn't mention earlier was all the touching with a pole, stick and string and then onto the flag was also preparing him to be saddled.   Wow that was easy, just throw it on up there Blair I'm a ready!!!   I was very proud of Kai, he took it all in his stride and didn't skip a beat, allowing me up on both sides without a hassle. With the young gentleman being in such a gentle frame of mind, I thought it was as a good a time as any, to pack up and give him a few days off.

This week Kai has also learned about grooming, having his feet picked up and a small trim and hard feed, starting him on just chaff, and is beginning to think that a bucket is a pretty good thing. He also got to meet a number of new people, which has also helped increase his confidence and he has really come along in leaps and bounds, actively seeking pats and attention.

I have uploaded a video of his first saddle on both my Facebook page, Blair Ireland Equine Education. These have also been shared to Instagram (blair.ireland) and VBA Kai's very own Facebook page - so be sure to log on and follow our journey!

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