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Blair and Kai - Week 20

AS our time is quickly running out, I guess my anxiety levels are rising too. The thought of losing my friend Kai, is going to hit me hard and I will miss him dearly!! They say a dog is man’s best friend and I believe horses are too.They quite quickly win our hearts and become apart of the family. I know however that Kai is going to make someone very, very happy and whoever does get to take him home will have a loyal best friend for life.

To see this magnificent horse grow over the last (I think we are at about) 140 days has been an experience of a life time. Kai has taught me and made me think more about a horse’s mindset than I ever would like to admit and for that I will be forever grateful to him.

Enough of the sob story now, I guess I shall share the highlight of our last two weeks, which was as an outing to the local Pony Club.

On Sunday morning, we loaded Kai up in the float and headed off to the Ballan Pony Club where we had four groups of eager students wanting to learn more about Brumbies and horsemanship (and to meet Kai). Each group spent time getting to meet and pet on Kai, while listening to a small talk about Brumbies, how versatile they are, their current plight with the government’s plans and of course the wonderful work associations like the Victorian Brumby Association and the Australian Brumby Challenge do. Many of the kids wanted to take Kai home for themselves (and some of the parents too) and they each stated that they thought he would be the perfect games, dressage, pony club or trail riding horse. We had to admit, we think he would excel at any and all of this. Many of the students had never seen a Brumby in the flesh before, so hopefully we will start to see more getting around pony clubs in the future (hint hint, nudge, nudge). It also means we have a bit more of a fan club ready to cheer us on at EQUITANA. Anyway, each group had a great time learning about both Brumbies and in particular Kai. The groups each got to do some different activates, with some of the senior members getting to do some ground work prior to watching a ridden demonstration. After lunch, we first had the youngest members havegreat fun tying streamers around Kai’s neck, legs and in his mane, followed by covering Kai in paint, butterfly and flower stickers and of course glitter! Just like a late night TV infomercial however, “But wait, there’s more”, The last group of the day got to use Kai for a lesson on body parts, where the kids would have to identify a part of the horse and then  work out where to place the sticker label on the corresponding body part on Kai. I think we counted over 80 stickers Kai ended up covered in, including under his feet – and on his face, legs, body and tail. What a champ, Kai loved every minute of the young’ens poking and prodding him all over and lapped up every inch of attention he received. To say he was a good ambassador of the breed is an understatement – and all of the instructors and parents were well impressed – as were the kids, who by the end of the day had completely taken over all handling, holding, leading and caring for Kai for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ll be honest, we still need to do some work on that freestyle section – so that will be this weeks task. For now though we are going to head home, try and wash off all this body paint and glitter, and give Kai a well-deserved massage with the Equissage machine. 

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