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Blair and Kai - Week 4

We've had a pretty gentle week this week. We started off with a nice quite amble through the bush, with both of us playing tourist and seeing some new country that neither of us had explored before. What a pleasure that was and a relaxing time we both had.

Later in the week I introduced Kai into the arena, where we played around with our groundwork, seeking to refine the skills learned in the earlier days and also introducing man made obstacles. It sure was funny watching my big brave go anywhere out in the bush horse’s expressions upon first coming into contact with these non-natural obstacles and then seeing how much he looked towards me for support when he was worried. He gave every one of them a go however as if to say, "if you say so, I trust you".

There has been some great milestones this week in our partnership. It was a really warming feeling when Kai chose to come and visit with me while I was cleaning his yard, instead of eating his breakfast. He was also confident enough to allow me to rug him un-haltered, while standing there with a warm expression upon his face. These things might be taken for granted by many horse owners, but they are great steps forward for this now not so wild Brumby!

Well that's us signing off for this week!!!

Yippie Kai Yay Brumby Friends

P.s I apologise for the lack of photos and to also to all my fellow Victorians!! I have gone chasing drier, less windy and one heck of a lot warmer country for winter, and am mostly on my own over in SA for it.   My wife Erin will be coming up for a visit in two weeks, so we will endeavour to get some better photos then. So for this weeks photo, I have included one that was taken by photographer Rochelle Hansen who was playing Paparazzi with VBA Kai during his first week. Her work is really beautiful, and she will get to take some more photos for us when we get back home at the end of August. Thank you

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