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Blair and Kai - Week 6

The end of last week brought the sad news of the passing of my grandma. Not only was she the only person in the family shorter than me, she was probably the happiest, with an everlasting smile.

So with a bit of an unplanned break, we only managed to get one session in. But all is not lost, it just presents another opportunity to check in and see where we are at. I always find that regular breaks in training help to keep a colts mind fresh and gives them time to relax and think on all the lessons they have been learning. Rest and thinking time is always an important aspect of a horse’s education, and gives them the opportunity to present what they are really understanding, and also to show up where things are not quite so clear.

It always amazes me how much some things seem to improve by themselves after a break and how other places that felt ok, show up not to be 100% when we first start back.  

The couple of places of interest that I found we needed to improve upon were approaching Kai from the side at liberty, he wasn't quite sure if I thought he looked tasty or not. We also found we needed some more work on changing from left to right eye under saddle, where he got a little bracey.

Overall I couldn't believe how far his riding had come with a few days off, albeit only a short ride. It sure was fun!!!

This photo shows my Morgan gelding, Mt Tawonga Lucas meeting VBA Kai for the first time. Whilst I have worked Kai from Lucas, they haven’t really had a chance to interact. I think Lucas was more excited about the new friendship than Kai was. These two will be turned out together next week and will travel home together also in a few weeks time. I look forward to having some riding photo’s for you all in my next update as I will finally have a helper/photographer here.

Yippie Kai Yay, brumby friends!!!!

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