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Blair and Kai - Week 7

This week has been a great week. I’ve got my wife back (although only for 10 days, she has travelled over to SA for a visit). Now whilst I was excited, I don’t think Kai shared my enthusiasm initially. For the most part thus far, it has only been Kai and myself, so adding a second person to the mix of things added a little more pressure to the usual grind of day to day activities for this little bush horse.

It’s funny the things we take for granted with our horses. Petting, grooming, passing the lead from one person to another can be just normal activities for our domestic horses, but are something our wild Brumbies need to learn about. Whilst Kai was fine with me doing all of these things, he was quite worried with the addition of the extra human, so doing exactly this became the main focus of the week. Kai now loves having a person either side of him, knowing that it just means double the grooming or petting power!

It was also time to have over the reins and have Erin do some of the ground work with the wonderful little horse and see how he respond to a different feel, a different energy and a different level of confidence. Having different people spending time and working with him will ensure he is prepared for whatever may come after Equitana and The Australian Brumby Challenge is complete.

We didn’t spend too much time under saddle this week, working with two people was enough in the first few days and I was really happy with how well he adapted to it. The first ride we did have this week however brings a smile to my face. I had Erin give us a little pony ride around, having Kai build his confidence with someone on his back and another person leading and guiding his feet. I will admit he didn’t feel so sure about this to begin with, but held it together and adapted quite quickly. I can’t wait to get home now and swing my young crash test dummy Hailey up on board for some further lead line training with a young person on board.

This weeks photo is of myself and Kai out in the bush for a little ride and stretch of the legs after one of our ground work sessions this week. He sure knows he belongs in the bush and loves nothing more than finding his way through the scrub. Well, that and food stuff that comes in a bucket! Be sure to check out Kai’s very own Facebook page (www.facebook.com/VBAKai) for more photos and updates on this amazing little Brumbies journey.

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