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Blair and Kai - Week 9

Gee I really am enjoying riding out through the scrub on Kai. It goes to prove that you can force a horse to do anything, but if you sit back and take the time to build and understanding and a relationship with a horse, the journey and the enjoyment from it can be so much more!!!!  Yesterday we were riding along a rather steep washout for quite some distance, just waiting for a place to cross. When I found a place that I thought looked manageable I pointed the young steed in the direction, when we got to the edge he stopped and paused. It would have been quite easy at this point to say" suck it up princess" you can do it and push him on!!! BUT…. as we sat there for a brief second I could actually see and feel him scanning the washout up and down, before he gently started on further down the washout. Always one for an adventure I thought I'd just sit back and see where this leads us. It was only maybe about 20m down that Kai was headed to and then down into the washout and through we crossed. All off his back, I had just been sitting there for the ride, to see what or if he had a plan!!!

Now if I had of urged there would not of been an issue at all with crossing, he would have tackled it no worries, that's the can do attitude we have and are always working towards. But I believe that sort of attitude is built around situations like this, sitting back and listening to your horse. This is a great example of whilst it’s all good and well to have our horses trust us, we as riders also have to put some trust back into the horse we are working with. It’s a two way partnership that has to go both ways. Sure we do have times of lightness and still plenty of time where our ideas collide, but with only 150 days to build a partnership, and a foundation for some lucky person to go on with, I am really excited for the future of Kai!!!!

This is our last week in South Australia before heading home. I’m not looking forward to the wet and mud of Victoria, but on a plus side it means I will be back home and have people around to take photos of all our adventures. We have a lot of fun plans for the next couple of months and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. This weeks photo is one of Erin’s favourites from Kai’s last photo session with photographer Rochelle Hansen. She’ll be back once home to get some more brilliant photos!

Yippie Kai Yay, brumby Friends!!!


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